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We build you a brand new website

We manage content for your website

We maintain, host and monitor everything

We look after your affiliate marketing

Hassle free affiliate commission

Advertisers - we want you

Reach high volume target audiences

All platforms supported

Warm referrals from trusted celebs

Excellent conversion rates

Tried and Tested method

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Celeb Affiliate Marketing

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As a celebrity, joining Celebrity Affiliates will make your life easier. Take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Custom website created just for you, giving your fan base a place to follow your everyday activities, updates and build loyalty amongst your following.
  • Custom Tailored marketing plan, unique to each celebrity to best suit your followers
  • We Carry out the marketing plan so the celebrity is not distracted from their already busy schedules
  • Access to 50+ brands and 100+ campaigns
  • One Point of Contact for Help & Support
  • Understanding of the celebrity image preservation and privacy
  • You decide how much you make every month
  • Become a Brand Celebrity

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As an advertiser, promoting yourself via Celebrity Affiliates is easy and beneficial. We can offer the following:

  • One point of contact
  • High quality traffic
  • A large pool of celebrities
  • Multiple Country Regions
  • Web, e-mail & mobile traffic
  • Flexibility and understanding
  • Diligent campaign management

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About Us

Innovation through passion, beautiful & meaningful work

Let's make something great together

Our Mission

By launching this one of a kind venture we put the celebrity in direct control of their fan base and allow them to monetize on their loyal followers while at the same time creating a place for their fans where they can keep track of their idols daily routines.

Tailoring unique marketing strategies for each client as well as creating a one of a kind “fan website” for every single one of our partners we will ensure that the celebrity makes the most out of their audience while preserving their image as a whole.

Our Philosophy

The most important aspect of our business model is to ensure that the vision of our partners match the vision that we will create for them!

By offering the best value campaigns in the industry, we have the ability to offer our partners something special, highest converting products for their target audience along with the highest pay outs.


  • Best Customer Conversion - 100%
  • Online Celebrity Management - 100%
  • Highest Paying Deals - 100%
  • On Time Payment - 100%
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    Vadim Fedotov

    Founder, CEO


    • Affiliate Traffic - 100%
    • Marketing - 100%
    • Commercial Development - 100%
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    Havnek Kondal

    Co-Founder, CTO


    • Web Development - 100%
    • CRM/Backend Solutions - 100%
    • SEO/Marketing - 100%

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